Replication Success!

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The number of active threats to the data and digital infrastructure that modern business relies on are constantly increasing. As always, awareness of the problem and caution in all forms of electronic communication are the first lines of defense. Although most people are becoming more cautious in the digital age, the second line of defense – Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning – can too often be neglected.

This week, one of our valued customers, Living Word Lutheran Church, fell victim to a ransomware attack. An outside security vendor, while accessing their system for maintenance, launched a malware process that decimated their system—destroying their active directory, application, and file services. They contacted us, and one of our technicians immediately began remediation of their issues by leveraging a Backup and Replication system that Southwest Cyber Systems had designed and installed on their network. Lost data assets were recovered from our secure offsite repository while our technician addressed workstation and domain issues onsite.

“Thanks to our partnership with Southwest Cyber Systems and the offsite server replication and backup systems they designed for us, we were able to resume our normal business with minimal loss of productivity. We are very happy to have them as our primary network systems partner!”

Lisa Dupree, Living Word Lutheran Church

In several of the most recent ransomware\malware incidents we have encountered on customer networks, the story has been the same. Through planning and preparation, we were able to minimize the damage and downtime by leveraging backup and replication systems that were in place before the incident. These systems, put in place by Southwest Cyber Systems, allowed recovery to begin immediately and reduced the total downtime to hours instead of days or weeks. This ability to maintain business continuity can directly affect customer confidence and can make or break an organization. From basic secure backup to full offsite replication of virtual servers, Southwest Cyber can tailor a recovery plan to your needs and help you put the systems in place to ensure your business can continue operating with minimal impact.

If you are concerned about preventing the data loss that can accompany malware, theft, or physical site loss due to fire or flood, and would like an assessment of your current infrastructure, contact Southwest Cyber Systems today.

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