Should You Upgrade to Windows 10 Now?

So the Windows 10 free upgrade has been available now for months now, plenty of time for any bugs to be worked out right? Is it now time to upgrade?

We are telling our clients not to upgrade their existing computers, but to wait to get Windows 10 with a new purchase.

Why? The short answer is that it’s less painful. We’ve been watching the tech community, existing clients, and have even upgraded some of our own equipment. Some upgrades go very smoothly with no issues. Some of them are plagued with small annoying problem after problem. We have had several instances where we upgraded via the free upgrade and then wound up wiping it out and doing a fresh install from scratch.

If you don’t think you can wait that long and are feeling adventurous, feel free. Some of our clients have the time to tinker around with fixing the issues. Most do not. If your system is fine how it is, and you can wait, we recommend that you do so.

However, if you can’t wait and find that you need assistance… call us and we can help. 🙂

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